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Friday, August 26, 2005


The Crazy Guy

Three months ago, my plane crashed somewhere along the border between Iran and Pakistan. A local tribesman (or boy) took my body to his village. I asked him later why he did. He said it was because I was the only one who was alive amongst the carcasses. His sister and mother cared for me and got me healthy again. In return I learnt their language.

My adventure began on a hunting ride with Nadir(the tribes boy).We were looking for wild goats when it suddenly struck me that Nadir’s Village lacked men. I asked him why. He said a local Warlord had massacred the men folk over some issue. The women of the village were waiting for their boys to grow up to have men back in their village. Nadir didn’t want to grow up. He wanted to behead the War Lord.

He had a plan. He kept running through his plan over and over again. The first time it sounded juvenile. The second time it was irritating. The third time I told him to shut up. I asked him if he knew where the War Lord lived. He said yes. I asked him if he ever saw where the War Lord lived. He said no.

So our hunt was redirected to a human instead of goats. The Warlord had a nice house I must say, but what caught my attention was 25 million dollars walking around his compound. Six feet and eight inches of it. This time I had a plan.

We went to the city bought ball bearings, catapults, formaldehyde, and ofcourse weapons. We camped outside the house at night. Nadirs prey came out to watch his herd move to some ranch somewhere. When everyone left, the Warlord stood watching his herd passing into the horizon romantically. Nadir walked right behind him and threw a knife. The knife pierced into his head and he fell off the horse. What followed was disgusting.

He put the head into the formaldehyde bag.It was my turn now. Nadir showed me where the guest quarters of the house were.The door was open. I walked in with my catapult drawn. He was old and resting.His body was long and his eyes were wise.I let go off the stretched string easily and the metal ball went through his head.

I put the head into my formaldehyde bag and rode to Nadirs village and got my stuff .Then I rode to the India-Pakistan border where I bribed a Pirate DVD dealer to smuggle me in. In the end I was in Delhi in front of the US embassy with a head in my bag.The whole journey took 8 days. They gave me the 25 million without much fuss. They took credit ofcourse. I gave it to them. His Karma was too heavy for my shoulders.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Arbythea Sequel

My Second Chapter to the Arbythea series is published at

Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Stillness of the Mind

My dear Dudes and Dudettes,

After a long period of unrest and ill definition,I decided to Blog today.The topic is deeply philosophical and has practical aspects to it.Allow me to introduce this Blog.

I saw The Last Samurai yesterday.The first time I saw this this movie was on Kilaras Laptop in IVihar.Added to this discomfort,the print was shitty and the cd was scratched.I hate Tom Cruise today and so did I on that day.Sadly they need him to market the movie and cash their profits.Apart from all this,I think the movie is Brilliant.Edward Zwick is a Formidable director.

My Aesthetic picked up on this brilliant line of serenity in the movie.The character Katsumoto
leads this beautiful hermetic life in the hills dedicated to studying the Art of War.His life is dedicated to the Human Spirit and sincere in its pursuit of the ideal Warrior.All nice and romantic but what is the point? Its more like three points actually.

1)The Samurai in this movie were Buddhist,practised meditation and sought the Stillness of the Mind

2)The Kundalini Awakening

3)The Year 2005

Haha...A nice threesome.
The Kundalini Awakening is a phenomena that comes about at some point in a persons life.Needless to say that it is a form of Nivana,emancipation etc etc.Why I am into the Kundalini right for other reasons.
Potential Sources of Power
A few days ago while I was sleeping,my head was resting on my right hand and the latter promptly went off to sleep.Now I awoke at some point and thought that my right hand was up at a right angle with the index finger pointed at the roof.But then I saw my hand on the bed,limp and unconscious(while still feeling that that very hand was pointing up).I was going through waves of trippiness coming from my "hand" pointed at the roof.I guess the trippiness was caused by the blood re entering the limp hand but the result of all this is something else.

I discovered that the mind has this Matrix of "Livingess" that is forced upon the real body.Now at most points these coincide bringing about a well coordinated mind body relationship.There are fuck ups like mine and the Kundalini.Now according to some very popular ppl they say that - in this Matrix that the mind "thinks" IS the body, there is one region that has immense power.The Power lies in a Potential form but when awakened shoots up into the person.Now this Potential Power the mind "thinks" exists resides at the base of our spine.That region is called the Kundalini.They say it is like a coiled serpent when awakened the serpent of energy snakes up our spine and lots of trippy shit follows.

Serpent Power

If you want to get into this, read The Serpent Power by Sir John Woodroffe aka Arthur Avalon.Pretty popular book.
Ok if u remember -The Kundalini Awakening has something to do with Samurais and the year 2005.Lemme get to that.

The Tao,The Qua,The Holy Ghost(??),The Krishna etc is becoming one with whatever ur doing.If u guys have seen that Animatrix series theres one with the 100 m runner.

The story is that this guy runs so well that his mind couldnt be controlled by the matrix anymore.He begins to break from the matrix in the middle of a race.
Waking Up
Then an agent pops up and shoots his ass down.Whatever.

Some ppl would say this guy had a Kundalini awakening.Now according to Indian Philosophy u can "awaken" your Kundalini by meditating and saying prayers.I think you can attain it with actions where you are one with your action.You need total control of the Mind though.They say the mind is but a tool but in most of our cases the tool controls the User.Pretty cool I would say.Thus only after you attain Stillness of the Mind,The Taming of ur Wild Spirit-is anything possible.Thus the admiration for the Samurai and their pursuits.
Now what does this have to do with the year 2005.Like Tuvoks folks I m gonna try my hand at some spiritualism.The chilledoutness of a weed smoker is damn cool but its not eternal and its kinda juvenile.Lets see what others kinds of Peace are out there.


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