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Friday, December 23, 2005


Resolutions, Carols and Arbit Festivity

Well being a damp squib to the party mood in Kuwait is genetic in my family. Doesnt mean we dont like parties, just that we cant have the time of our lives in Kuwait. So fuck that shit.


I just saw this mallu movie called "Anandabhadran" in the theater. Its about this Yogi who goes into black magic and wreaks havoc. The first fantasy malayalam movie I have seen in recent times. It sucked but shows promise.

Every building in Kuwait is being invaded by carol singers and Santa Clauses. Some of these kids sing pretty well. All the Santa Clauses suck though. Mebbe its coz I have seen too many american movies. It has to be an old jolly fat white guy with a real beard.

I had actually written a post a while ago. The post remained on the comp and I left the house with a friend.My organised mother popped outta nowhere and disconnected the internet and closed all the windows leading to the demise of that nice post. Life sucks.

I am fighting with demons who want me to smoke. Doesnt life just suck when you try to quit smoking? Yes it does. Everyone else take care and have a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Oh God, Help me Out!!

The list of screwy practise tests continue...I keep achieving lower and lower scores...what the fuck is going on??....I even started praying...I didnt like to pray...but now I m forced to reckon with it.

It seems to be an inexplicable want for something where not getting it is a travesty...a unbearable tragedy. Such want is disgusting from one perspective and inspiring from another. It shows that the creature is alive yet bound to the chains of life. Sorry for the dramatic description about a graduate exam but this is Madhu, bear with me. I am even forced to reckon with God in a new way because of this exam.


In my original belief (CoD) I believed that the whole setup was already written...the path and destiny already set...All we had to do was walk through it...Then In the last samurai I heard a line..Some guy asks someone..."You think that is our Destiny??"...then the someone replies..."A man does what he can till his destiny is revealed"...The setup changes at this point from a director watching his movie (where we are but one of his many characters who walk in pre defined paths) the living room of the creator of an interactive game sitting with you watching you play his game...and You pray for guidance.
The Christians believe it is all a test and the harder the journey the more rewarding the end...Buddhists dont give a shit...Hindus probably believe it is but a part f my karma...Maybe the weed burnt up my brain... Maybe I need to understand there is a higher power and bow...hmmm...Pray for me.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


David and Goliath

Okay, Arbit trippings yet again - Lets get to it.
I was playing "Command and Conquer" today and I was tripping. I also have been reading up on these snippets on cells. Eukaryotic cells have nucleuses while Prokaryotic dont. Prokaryotic cells- singles cellular cells can get as big as your hand and they are pretty powerful in their own way. They form diseases,cures and are almost omnipresent.
Now the human body is a Multicellular organism.We have many cells governed by one supreme consciousness-Us.Even though the Consciousness rules it is "Of the Cells".The Cells can dictate to the Supreme consciousness using tools such as pain, weariness,hunger,etc.I m trying to draw a correlation between a human organisation like a country with the human Bill Gates is the Supreme Consciousness in the multicellular organism of Microsoft.


Now playing cnc I can see how hard it is to coordinate multipronged attacks. Attacks that require subtlety and timing require more attention than full power attacks.All of it is all about coordination and thought dexterity. Thus ppl who manage large amounts of ppl are really Supremely conscious. The Chinese Head has to be a man of incredible management skills to coordinate a country of 1 billion ppl. You have to give it to such guys. They are the Supreme Consciousness of bodies where we are but bacteria floating around in the air.Blogs might give someone a cold or a cough (IIPM)but we are bacteria. David might get Goliath with a well aimed stone. But we dont deserve to take out these Goliaths so cheaply. How the hell do ppl like Laloo get to manage resources. There is a heirarchy in this world. All men are only equal when it comes to their personal lives.


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