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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Gring Bring and Flighty

The first Post of this year happens in late feb. My Writer Muscles are atrophying so forgive the lack of bounce. I just went through a heavy dose of healthy wastedness in Delhi and am recovering. I shaved my head yesterday and started studying today. The meter is reclocked and I am back to square One. Moms food, AC, shitloads to study, Uncle Tenlobs out and Home. I can do anything I wish as of now. Yes My friends all symptoms of the arrival of Spring.


I saw a movie yesterday. A mallu movie and a surprisingly good one at that. The Protagonist is diagnosed with Cancer and begins to die. He takes care of everyone including his wife and his family making sure all is fine after he dies. Out pops this other guy. He sez that cancer is something amiss in the beat of our body. One cell fucks up and starts to multiply and the whole body suffers. No one knows why. He teaches our protagonist how to get his beat back and the movie goes on with our hero coming back from the dead and how life still rejects him even though hes alive.
Hmmm...I guess we all have our beats and we should stick to it. Thats what I love abt home. The beat is quiet, reflective and very strong. Its good to be back.


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