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Tuesday, March 14, 2006



I just read the Hindu an hour back. In it was an article where some guy called Suresh Krishna says "There are only two things that the world respects;One is a well trenched military force and the other is a well trenched economic force".An Economic War. Hmmmm. Is there actually a war going on?? Who are the Victors and what happens to the loosers?? Lets begin the analysis.

My Dad if he were to be a part in this war would probably be a mercenary of sorts. He has no affiliations except to the job itself and the money it pays and hes survived well except for a few health problems. Tawakley would be a Jawan who just got promoted to lieutenant or something. What abt Misha Singh who works for an NGO and probably doesnt get paid? She would be a nurse who takes care of the victims of this war. Murthy is training for direct admission of Corporal. What abt Yohan? Mr Academic. Hmmm....He is gonna be working for R&D for companies fighting this war or he ll end up training ppl who might fight this war. Me. Philosophers I think will always be civilians. Che was a philosopher but then decided blood was his path.

War on money

There are three modes of power; blood, money and appeasement(politics). Blood is deemed too ganvaar to fight over in todays world except ofcourse by the Americans and Jehadis. So it shall be money. The fight is on. You fight in the day, bring up warrior children and then bring home the head of your enemy (which might be a nice car or microwave). Its all making sense to me now. How could I have not seen this ? Hmmmmm..Its like a secret deal between Shiva and Vishnu. Lakhshmi will Rule. Those who respect her will survive and those who dont can chill with Shiva. What a world.
Lets not leave it with a bitter taste. Lakshmi is the beautiful wife of Vishnu. She must have her purpose. What is the purpose of this war?? Mobile phones,microwaves and plasma tvs are good but what is actually going on. The answer is hard for me to realise as of now.Maybe it is for her to know and us to find out.

War Part II

Said Tuvok to the Madman one day,"Does it surprise you that there are only two forms of power... Economic and Military ?

Actually, Military power is a by-product of Economic power... for eg. Russia failed coz of its lousy economy and is now only recovering coz it is slowly regaining economic clout... at the other end is Japan and the Tiger economies... which aren't really militarily strong but can't be fucked with militarily...

This is not a new war anyway... colonialism and imperialism were no different... a struggle for economic power through military means...

Wars make it sound like a short-lived conflict... but its not... its been around forever... call it the Global Interaction or something...

the Renaissance, Scientific progress, culture and what not are all results of this process...

and like in Military wars, eventually every power will fall and be replaced..."

so what exactly did Tuvok do? He meshed everything well together and put everything in perspective. Something Yohan John could never ever do except ofcourse the whole flighty "music" scene but who cares abt all that anywez.

So Lakshmi has been active for sometime now. Through her power - the world has become smaller and communication has got us closer.I tell you this Global Interaction will go on till a new space is created as big as a point but powerful enough to hold 5 or 6 billion ppl right next to each other...all smsing and texting and bla bla bla...but whats the point ll break down barriers...ppl will get more homogenised...Pluralism will survive...A huge single consciousness??...Earth Will then become alive and conscious as a planet..Hmmm...


Lakshmi what is going on? there something more...We are neither Gods nor Human beings at the moment...something in between...struggling to be one or the other..Its like being a part of a super mega experiment and trying to figure out what the experimentors are upto.

Friday, March 10, 2006



I was sitting and contemplating stuff when I stumbled on nothing. Yes Nothing...Black Empty Space...That Nothing. Nothing has a lotta qualities that not many ppl notice. First of all if you were to think about God logically...Every single adjective there is was created outside of God by God.Even the word creator was created by him. So God would be attributeless but Now the only thing that is seriously attributeless that we know of is Nothing.

Thats just the beginning my friend. If you are to move to Eastern Philosophy true "Stillness of Mind" can only be achieved by concentrating on Nothing. There is no such thing as nothing in the Real world. Even black space is something. So according to them the only place where nothing can Truly exist in this whole wide infinite universe is in Your Mind my friend. I have just begun to meditate on Nothing and lemme tell you thinking about it is hard. I am at black empty space as big as a stadium as of now.

Theres still more. Said The Oracle of Delphi to her ppl "He who knows that He knows Nothing is the Wisest". Can you imagine that statement made in this present context??...The guy who knows NOTHING...Truly KNOWS it is the wisest....why would she say something like that?...Hmm...the answer lies here in India in Kerala in the teachings of One Mallu- Advait Shankaracharya. His concept of Brahman is probably the deepest concept of nothing I have ever seen but not known. All good in the end I guess.

Last but not least. The Coffin of Darkness. Radhika Bhalla once said" If I were fine with myself...I would have no problem being in the coffin forever".I couldnt agree more.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Tildum Maerbin Schiboo

This shaved head feels fantastic. Seriously I even look better without my hair.


I saw this most well structured (skeleton alert!!!) movie called Old Boy. Its a Korean movie. Very Disturbing and groce but very well made. The name is Old Boy. Boy what a twist it has in the end. The movie is #112 on IMDB. Dunno if it deserves that much attention but its worth a watch.
Old Boy

All of you know that my life in Kuwait is pretty sad but it has its clean points. I played Volleyball today and even though I am rusty and goofy it was a good trip. I also managed to do 3 clapping push ups (dunno what the technical term is) .

Going on to more serious matters lets talk abt ppl. Its so hard to talk to ppl as you grow older. Their minds harden and you wonder if yours is the same too. Thats why I like talking to kids especially smart ones. You can talk about anything and that too with coherence. Its almost as if ppl play a game as time passes moving from one level to the next and at some point they cant beat the harder level. The level that doesnt seem to have an exit, nothing higher- the top floor,the glass ceiling.
Whenever they wake up its the same level .No way out and no fire in em to find the way out. That level then becomes their reality and they tolerate it, care about it and in the end become it. I dont know what to do when I meet such ppl. Maybe they dont want my pity. Maybe someone else pities me.
Jesus Christ was born a Jew. Gautam Buddha was born a Hindu. Prophet Mohammed was born a non Believer. All three of em broke their levels at some point in their lives and entered a new exciting level. These 3 might make it seem like something esoteric but its not. Let me show you how.

Rules of the game-

1)There is always an exit and entrance to the next level.
2) The exit probably requires some great skill that can be mastered with practice .
3) The Bible says "the greater the hardship you go through the greater the reward at the end". Its actually the harder the level the greater you feel when you clear it.
4)You can be stuck in one level for years but" Everything must pass".
5) You can cheat and go to the next level but there ll be a price to be paid.
6)If you are stuck at one level and are at peace with yourself and that level then dying in that level would be a good death.


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