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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Having Chutney in Winter...

Well its been sometime since I have blogged anything. Life revolves around work at the moment. There is an urge to get either more Hedonistic or more Monk like. The answer doesnt like in either paths but in the middle. The crack between Classical and the Romantic.
Winter is gonna be awesome assuming I am suitably prepared. The mist, the fog, the smog and the icy delicious wind that blows - all make good aesthetics. Also working out, quitting smoking and doing some non job constructive work are in the list of "to-do s". I dunno if it ll happen tho. Lets see.
Chutney tastes much better this around for some reason. Maybe its coz I see the Buddha or something. Cant put it to words. More interesting Posts later.


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