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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Purpose of Fashion

After a week long debate with Ms BFH I think I see the light, faintly atleast. After she asked her patrons the big question "What is Great about fashion?", two of them replied with answers of substance.

Annie said," Fashion is a silent, inate form of communication between humans. It is an outward expression of self. Anyone who calls off fashion as a means to get attention is forgetting the fact that it is also an art. Would you say the same thing of somebody who wrote a book, or the person reading it? Following fashion is another form of increasing knowledge. It may not be as concrete as following scientific discovery, but it is more pertinent to our modern culture. Behind the pleats and seams, you can find the stories of our society. It is a response to what is happening in our world."

"the stories that are hidden behind the pleats and seams." Very Eloquent Ms Anne and I m not being sarcastic. After reading this comment I realised that you cant escape fashion. Its not about showing the world who you are, what you do or your attitude but about the fact that you are always showing the world who you are, what you do or your attitude through the way u present yourself.

Stephie said, "Fashion transcends languages. That's the reason why we all read scandinavian blogs or buy french magazines even if we don't know the language, because we can respond to the outfit even if we don't speak the language. That's the beauty of fashion for me. Also, I like that fashion is democratic. It's reflective of your individualistic choices. You can choose whatever you want to wear, and let your outfit have a voice of its own. Its what people see, and yet can never dictate."

This is true. There is something universal about it. A lot of the richness in the diversity of the great ppls of this Planet can be relished through understanding the difference in their dressing styles. Its amazing actually how people can be so different.

Some of the others did retort with shameless shallowness. But I shall let them be. Live and let Live like they say.

Last but not least. My opinion after a week long/short analysis about Fashion.

Apart from the stupidly selfish bombardment of ones looks onto someone elses eyes for the sake of the bombardment itself, there are thankfully other utilities to fashion. Fashion is unavoidable. It is the shell that people carry that defines how they are treated or should be treated in the social world they live in. For a person like me I was looking for the purpose of fashion in the wrong places. Neither the runways, the magazines nor the red carpets are the intriguing representers of the fashion world. Instead as always, it is the people.
The fashion world byitself is a universe. Lets check out some interesting examples.

The Judiciary

Look at this guy. Why the hell did he have to wear that wig? Why did everyone at that age wear a wig? Why did the Indian Judges wear that Wig? Even a turban would have looked better than that Wig. Those Godamn Wigs!!! And the burqa robes of Lawyers have also always mystified me. Some research is in order.


Check him out. Now heres a guy with courage. He truly, madly and deeply doesnt give a shit about what you think hes wearing or not wearing. Not to mention out of all the types of Nudists out there Yogis are just one kind. Mebbe a post is in order for the rest of em.

Italian Mobsters

Enough has been said of them. Their look have been glorified in countless movies, comics and shows.The dark violence that was hidden by perfectly groomed exterior gave them a spin that no other kind of person in a suit could.

Nonsense On Stilettos

Just look at it. Typical Emperor in New Clothes. I know the texture is just exquisite but what kinda rubbish is this. Forgive my french but someone please convince me whats so good looking about this whatever.


Now heres a company worth watching out for. The closest combination to stylish utilitarianism. I got a weird story about the origins of this company from a tibetan shopkeeper who was selling me chinese steel toed timberlands.
Timberland used to make utility shoes for firemen in New York. Their shoes was so popular the youth at that time took over the look of the shoe and started playing with it. And hence the awesome combination.

Well thats my first fashion post. I m sorry if I pissed off anyone. Dont take it to heart coz in the end looks are just temporary and Yes, I am an arrogant noob.

Thursday, May 22, 2008



A few wrinkles rippled across the fine muslin cloth covering
the table. Alfred reached out and evened out the cloth with his
palms. He stood back and quietly reveled in the soft morning light
that bathed the foyer. As the moment passed Alfred went back to his

Steps came down the massive stairway of the Manor. Bruce
Wayne dressed in a fine suit came down carrying an overcoat. He walked
to Alfred who was busy putting flowers in place. Bruce looked at the
Bouquets that lay on the muslin.

"I am ready, Alfred."

"Yes, Master Bruce."

He handed a bouquet to Bruce and carried one himself.

The door closing behind them, in long over coats they walked
towards the car. After closing Bruce's door, Alfred went around the car and
seated himself behind the wheel. Placing the bouquet to the side he
stole a glance at Bruce who sat looking out the window grimly. The car started and
they drove off.

Two gaunt gravestones sat in the mist surrounded by wilderness. The
stones thrust out of the mist, which flowed around at snails pace.
In the distance over the trees the high Gotham
Manor could be seen. A car drove up and footsteps approached in the
silence. Bruce stood over his parents graves.

He placed the flowers on his mother's grave while Alfred placed his on
Thomas'. Bruce brought his hands together with his fingers crossed,
arms hanging in silent prayer. Alfred stood in silence.

A moment passed. Then Bruce turned his head looking down.

"Alfred…Say something."

Alfred looking at Bruce, took a moment, then stepping forward he
cleared his throat and opened his pocket Bible.

"Dear Lord, (Job 22-23)

Thomas and Martha Wayne were taken away from us 23 years ago on
this very day.

And they answered the angel of the LORD that stood among the
myrtle trees, and said, We have walked to and fro through the earth,
and, behold, all the earth sitteth still, and is at rest.

Said Job,
When I think of it, I am dismayed, and horror takes hold on my flesh.
Why do the wicked survive, grow old, become mighty in power?

Said Eliphaz the Termanite
Come to terms with him to be at peace. In this shall good come to you.

May those that live understand that they led a good life and died good
people. May those that live not look upon their passing with horror
but with the knowledge that they passed away as we all shall."

Alfred then stepped back. Bruce quietly thanked him.


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