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Sunday, February 01, 2009


Israel and Singapore commissions Google to build first Cityshield.

Standing here in the middle of The Cityshield Base factory in the outskirts of the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, in a dreary little town called Padhalam, I stand in awe of the great spikes of the Cityshield. The Spikes stand tall., protecting this town, like Giant talons that hold back this town from falling into the sky. The thick foundation of the Spikes, built almost a mile deep into the earth, sits on the borders of the town ,surrounding the town in a perfect circle, radiating out into the sky forming a perfect hemisphere. Padhalam was subject to three nuclear strikes of which one destroyed the town with not too much loss. The desert in uninhabitable which was why the government commissioned the land to Google to build their Cityshield. The town consisted of a few structures which were built underground so that loss generated in a target strike would be the shield itself. The second test worked and the spikes stood.The post-strike clean up procedure was exact. So was the third test.

The technology was developed by Google labs at MIT. Lasers sent from one spike to another crisscrossed to form resolutions. At high resolutions not even clouds or birds could enter the village. At low resolutions it would not allow anything bigger than an eagle to enter the bubble it creates. This combined with a highly sensitive targeting system, formed the most protective city defence shield. Sheltored from terror strikes, the city is also equipped with air mixers and oxyhydro generators could keep the city alive for decades. A diplomat's nightmare, the nullification of nuclear strikes makes diplomatic control weaker in many respects rendering previous power structures irrelevant. Fearing a new power struggle, the United Nations has asked Google to be prudent to who it sells it to.

Google on the other hand says the City Shield will level the playing field, keeping dominant nations at bay and giving a chance to smaller nations to survive in the event of a nuclear strike. In keeping with google tradition, the company believes this shield will not harm humanity but generate a revolution where the old order will be challenged and a new stronger order will be formed.

The third successful test was all Google needed to start the bidding war for the first Cityshield. Israel bought the first shield for the city of Netanya in a competitive bidding war against notably Microsoft, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Sony, Singapore, Toyota and The US. The shield sold for almost a trillion dollars and looks to begin a bullish defence race. After the second sale to Singapore, it was noticed that demand cost of the Cityshields fell by eight percent. With two confirmed bidders, many more are lining the doorsteps of Google.


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