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Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Emperor and his microscope.

I had a conversation with Han the other day on how a system of thought by itself is a system of action. I wanted to post something that day itself but my unravelling of this interesting perspective took many days. In the end the crystalisation of this thought process has brought me to the truth of action.
The construction of an ideality eg - Brahman in Advaita, The Void in CoD, Heaven in Christianity etc all is beautiful in a very mathematical axiomatic way but hardly teaches us how to lead a way of life. The system of thought in this process translates into a vague system of action. Looking at an ideality it is easy to find "truths". God is a sphere said a Greek. The truth is nothingness said the Madhu etc. But it is much harder to find it in reality.
There is however one embolus of thought that has attacked the human system of action in a very concise and sound method. The Propounder of this, who I shall call the Emperor did try on the great variety of robes that the intellectuals of his time had to offer. Not finding any that suited him he cast them all away. He then followed human action with a microscope and learnt off the rejectionists. They had claimed desire (artha, kama, dharma and Moksha) to be the truth and their path was to reject the truth and suffer. And suffer they did. In the flames of their suffering they forged the will of the indomitable. And this was their end.
The Emperor weilded the indomitable will and wondered what he could do with it and he discovered he could do nothing with it if he had no desire.
Casting off his indomitable will, the Emperor followed life again with a microscope. He began to notice a pattern in every human action. Wherever he looked he found it. And then the truth of human action came to him. He decided to call this truth Suffering.

Suffering in the conventional point of view is something to be avoided, apathised, resolved or left behind. The Budhha however looked at Suffering differently. It was God, the Void, The Brahman and Heaven of human action. It was the source of activity for all human life. By ignoring it Man had lost his way.
Now I dont want to talk about what Buddha sought after but just his discovery of it. That all our lives revolve around suffering whether we like it or not. The Source.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ultimo factory

Imagine a set of tools, a set of simple devices made of a hard substances like metal,plastic etc. These set of tools are enough to create the basic consumer electronics we use today. These are five.
Batteries, harddrives, chips, lcd screens and mother boards. One set of instruments that can make a variety of each of these electronics parts and the parts of these.
Let us call this set of tools the Universals. Used anywhere with the right materials could create high quality products that in the end could be bought together to create a range of gadgets from the Xbox to the mobile phone.
The Purpose of this thought process is centralising the decentralisation of operations in the making of technology. It should be such that you can put the Xbox in your computer if you so wanted to. Not only would it be good for the consumer, increased competition from individuals rather than factories would increase the progress and development of technologies.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


My Universe

Dear Universe, My Universe
Omnipotent Omnipresent
Bearing this life Gifted this earth.

Like Universe, Love Universe
Elegant yet beautiful
Determinist Naturalist

Man Universe, God Universe
Far off yet close Live alien
Sent us comets Seedlings of life

Tall Universe, short Universe
Sired bastard Called himself Man.
Raised from his fours Agreed to stand.

Live Universe,Dead Universe
Walked out of home, When he was teen
Built an army, Killed his own Gene

Mom Universe, Dad Universe
Attacked own home Axed own cradle
Man stood happy on his ladle

Man Universe, Dog Universe
Must do the work Bid by Master
Heating this earth Must melt water

White Universe Black Universe
Deodourize Acclimatise
Must make planet Desert and ice

Mind Universe, Ass Universe
Standing on head Sitting on Ass
Turning top down lies confused Man

Thursday, May 07, 2009



Margaret sat in her apartment, listening to the pitter patter of little feet running through her apartment. She had put up screens all over the apartment to allow Hayden as much room as possible, to let him run to which ever room he wanted to. He flashed across the living room screen and stood in front of her and beckoned to her.

“Mommy! Catch me....Catch me if you can.”

And she leapt from her seat and ran clumsily after him. He jumped from one screen to another till in the end he was cornered in her room. He stood there laughing at the excitement of being cornered. She reached out to touch him but all she felt was plastic. Flat smooth plastic that divided her world and his. Innocent computer generated eyes looked up at her. She hugged the screen and so did he, both trying to feel each other.

“Mommy...why can't you come over to this side?”

“I will Hayden...the doctors are trying....I will come there soon.”

“Mommy....I want chocolate cake....”

Margaret felt helpless at this simple demand.

“Not today Hayden...I have to go and buy the ingredients, but forget the chocolate cake for now Hayden. Are you happy Hayden?”

“Yes Mommy but I miss you. I want you to carry me Mommy.”

“I will Hayden, I will.”

Hayden was three and a half when the accident happened. He was at the back seat when the car collided with the truck. The emergency crew had managed to pull Margaret out before the fuel tank exploded.

“The earlier he realises the truth the easier it will be for you and him.”, said the doctors to Margaret. It had been two days since he was introduced to this experimental treatment, he was the first. Margaret had faith in this new technology, she had to make it happen.

“Hayden do you want a hug from Mommy?”

The little boy nodded eagerly.

“Follow Mommy then.”

She led the way up the stairs to the outside of a room. The lights and screens inside were switched off.

“Mommy, whats in there?”

“I will show you Hayden, but you must not get frightened. Mommy is coming in with you.”

She opened the door and switched on the lights. Creaks of the pumps and the functionings of the life support system filled the room. She opened container and looked at the mutilated body that once was her adorable Hayden. She touched him tenderly and then went and switched on the screens around the room.

“You can come in now Hayden.”

Hayden came in to one screen, his eyes focused on the body connected to the Giant machines around the bed.

“Who is that Mommy?”

Grief engulfed her but she didnt have the heart to tell him.

“Close your eyes Hayden.”

Hayden then closed his eyes.

She picked up the limp body and held it tightly to her own.

“Can you feel me hugging you, Hayden?”

His computer generated body recognising the warmth that held him, tried to hug back but his arms could not touch anything. Margaret then kissed the body in her arms looking at the child in the screen.

“Keep your eyes closed Hayden. Can you feel Mommy?”

“Yes I can Mommy. Yes I can.”

Margaret then reached out for the remote and switched off the lights in the room.

“Go to sleep now Hayden.”

This post is inspired by a single mother I was hunting who introduced me to a very special young boy called Hayden. This story is the only fruit gained from that hunt.


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