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Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Emperor and his microscope.

I had a conversation with Han the other day on how a system of thought by itself is a system of action. I wanted to post something that day itself but my unravelling of this interesting perspective took many days. In the end the crystalisation of this thought process has brought me to the truth of action.
The construction of an ideality eg - Brahman in Advaita, The Void in CoD, Heaven in Christianity etc all is beautiful in a very mathematical axiomatic way but hardly teaches us how to lead a way of life. The system of thought in this process translates into a vague system of action. Looking at an ideality it is easy to find "truths". God is a sphere said a Greek. The truth is nothingness said the Madhu etc. But it is much harder to find it in reality.
There is however one embolus of thought that has attacked the human system of action in a very concise and sound method. The Propounder of this, who I shall call the Emperor did try on the great variety of robes that the intellectuals of his time had to offer. Not finding any that suited him he cast them all away. He then followed human action with a microscope and learnt off the rejectionists. They had claimed desire (artha, kama, dharma and Moksha) to be the truth and their path was to reject the truth and suffer. And suffer they did. In the flames of their suffering they forged the will of the indomitable. And this was their end.
The Emperor weilded the indomitable will and wondered what he could do with it and he discovered he could do nothing with it if he had no desire.
Casting off his indomitable will, the Emperor followed life again with a microscope. He began to notice a pattern in every human action. Wherever he looked he found it. And then the truth of human action came to him. He decided to call this truth Suffering.

Suffering in the conventional point of view is something to be avoided, apathised, resolved or left behind. The Budhha however looked at Suffering differently. It was God, the Void, The Brahman and Heaven of human action. It was the source of activity for all human life. By ignoring it Man had lost his way.
Now I dont want to talk about what Buddha sought after but just his discovery of it. That all our lives revolve around suffering whether we like it or not. The Source.

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It wasnt me.

Haha vandals struck? They must have thought you to be an Indian in Australia.
It says deleted by the Author so maybe thats what it was...
Parkit and Tuvok - Thank you so much for reading my post.
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